Mikey Wills

Idea Accessibility

The more I read and write about a particular subject, the easier it is to feel that anything I could possibly formulate has already been covered by someone much more knowledgeable than me. It’s an easy trap to fall into. As many have said before, no thought is original. I wholeheartedly believe that statement, but what does it mean?

Ideas are about context. Apply ideas to a new context that you truly understand to make them accessible to those with similar experiences. How do you think Hollywood has gotten away telling the same story thousands of times over? Context.

Relate ideas to others through context. We do this every day with business ideas. We say things like: “The classifieds of the internet.” “The Craigslist of vacation rentals.” “The Airbnb of carpools.” Even those examples could mean nothing to someone who’s never heard of classifieds, Craigslist, or Airbnb. Oops, my big idea just became completely meaningless to my audience.

Ideas are endless. Constantly weaving in and out and building upon one another. They’re all slight variations upon the last. A more practical application for my view of a need. The differences may seem trivial, but they play a huge role in the outcome. Why? Accessibility.

We don’t want a solution for everyone. We want a solution for me. So make it about me.